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All throughout my life I'm constantly being deserted.
  1. Friends from primary would always exclude me.
  2. My only friend from primary who went to the same school as me ditched me in year 7.
  3. My friends after that ditched me.
  4. <she> ditched me.
  5. Now, the person who was there for me when <she> did leave, is ditching me because she got into a fight with her BF because he's jealous of all the other people she talks to (pyscho right?)
So there I was sitting alone as usual, feeling depressed.

It's just a loop.

My life, is a loop.

Happiness -> Bad event -> Sadness -> Depressed -> Good event -> Happiness.

Just as I was getting over her, she comes over with her BF to get my flash drive. I see how happy she is, and how I didn't know how to do this...how inexperienced of women I was. It sucks.

And just to top all this off, my laptop just died on me. Godamn it.

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A selection of students’ imaginative writing will be included in a HSC edition of a CD-ROM called Belonging.

Compose a piece of writing to contribute to one of these sections:
-Belonging with friends
-Belonging in the family
-Choosing not to belong

The great and majestic city of Rome, inhabited by not only politicians but also by children. In this great age and city, lived an orphan name Marcus. Marcus had lived in Rome his whole life. As soon as he was born his parents gave him up for adoption but no one would take him in so he was put into an orphanage.  For his whole life he lived with eleven other children but did not like them and chose not to participate in any activities or talk with the other children unless he had to.
Years went by and Marcus grew up to what is considered a loner. The only person who would even look at was a child called Julia. Julia was the closest thing Marcus had to a friend, she would always invite him to play with the other kids as well as keep him company. However, Marcus would still refuse to talk to her as well as the other kids.
By age seven Marcus was now talking on rare occasions, slight progress towards interacting with others. As day by day went by Marcus would stare out the window, wondering where his parents were. He would stare at the sunset hoping and praying that one day he would be reunited with his parents and finally feel safe and happy.
When Marcus turned ten years old, he was often talking to Julia and playing with the other ten children on some occasions. Marcus finally learned how to interact with people around him and finally felt accepted and like he belonged. However, one fateful day this all changed...

It was one week before Julia’s birthday and Marcus had been making a card for her, keeping it secret and spending as much time on it as he could. Marcus was nearly finished the card, all he had to do was write her name on it as well as draw a goofy face that he would pull in order to make Julia smile, then suddenly there was a heavy knock at the door of the orphanage. A man in a toga walked in, beside him a blonde woman. “I have come for the child” proclaimed the man. The nun, Sister Mary welcomed the bald man in the toga and invited him to sit down. Sister Mary then sat in front of them and smiled politely. “Just a few minutes, he will be down shortly.” She said. “Oh Marcus, grab your stuff and get ready, your parents are here”. Marcus jumped at the news of this and immediately put his clothes and possessions in a small ruggedly suitcase. “I’m coming Sister Mary” he shouted in a calm tone. Marcus then proceeded down the stairs with a smile on his face, his young heart racing as he knew that he would finally be with his parents. Marcus had waited for this day his whole life.

Marcus entered the front room and saw the man in a toga and the blonde woman. “Who...are they?” asked Marcus. “They are your new parents, say hi. Don’t be shy Marcus” said Sister Mary. Marcus was shocked and had a look of horror on his face. “They aren’t my parents! You lied to me!” screamed Marcus. “Marcus, that is extremely rude. Apologise at once!” Sister Mary ordered with a stern look on her face. “You lied, you liar! You said my parents were here” said Marcus as he broke down into tears. “I want my real mummy and daddy”. The bald man stood up and walked over towards Marcus and placed his hand on his shoulder. “Now listen here child, we are your new parents. There will be none of this insolence as long as you are our son.” Marcus then bolted up to his room and took refuge on his bed. Julia was already inside and she approached Marcus and said “What is the matter Marcus?” to which he replied “They’re trying to take me away, they aren’t even my real parents!” Julia had a puzzled look on her face and enquired “What are you talking about?” Marcus covered his face as tears fell from his eyes. “The...The bald man and the big blonde girl, they’re trying to take me away to live with them. I don’t know them, they aren’t my real parents. I don’t want to go; I don’t want to be all alone again.” Marcus started to cry as tears covered his face.
“Oh no Marcus, I don’t want you to go!” said Julia starting to sob. Then all of a sudden, the door swung open. The bald man walked in with a distasteful look on his face. “YOU, BOY! COME HERE AT ONCE.” He shouted. Marcus stayed on his bed and continued to cry, Julia placed her arm around him. “Don’t go Marcus!” she said. Sister Mary rushed into the room and begged the bald man to calm down. “Anthony, please. I’ll convince him to come to his senses, just give me a minute.” To which Anthony replied “Okay but you best make this quick, I have a very important Senatorial meeting in just under an hour.”

Sister Mary hurried over to Marcus and sat down beside him. “You should go outside and play Julia.” Julia then sat up, with tears still in her eyes and walked out past Anthony, giving him an innocent but hate filled grin. “Children, they think they know what’s best for everyone. Naive fools.” Sister Mary was still comforting Marcus who was holding onto his suitcase clingingly. “Now listen here Marcus, you have to go with the man. He is your father now; you don’t have a choice in this matter.” Marcus looked up at her with tears running off his cheeks and said “But...I don’t want to leave. I like it here, I have friends here”. “Well I’m sorry Marcus but this is how it was meant to be, this is God’s will.” replied Sister Mary. Marcus looked back at Julia, tears in his eyes. “I’ll never forget you Julia, you were the only friend I ever had. “ Marcus swore to himself that he would find her. As he carried his bags walking down the stairs he looked over his shoulder. There he saw his only friend being left behind, all that he had worked towards, his happiness and being able to interact with others was all coming undone.

Five years passed, Marcus grew up with his new family. His inattentive father would never show or tell Marcus that he loved him and his mother that would always smother him and not allow him much privacy. The school Marcus went to was a rich school that many senator’s sons and daughters went to as well as other rich aristocrats. Even though Marcus was surrounded by students he still did not interact well with others and not one day went by without him thinking of Julia. The day before his sixteenth birthday Marcus was walking home and he thought he saw a familiar face in the crowd. He thought he had seen Julia. Hurrying over, Marcus was scanning the crowd looking for her face. “Julia? Julia!?” he screamed, but it fell on deaf ears as he was in the trade district and the merchants were too loud for him to be able to call out her name. Saddened, Marcus gave up after ten minutes of searching for her and went home.

“How was your day honey?” said his mother. “Fine” Replied Marcus, who decided not to inform his mother of his encounter with Julia. “Dinner will be ready in about two hours so make sure you’re here and ready for it.” “Alright Mum.”
Marcus was in his room finishing his studies when he looked out the window into the horizon in which the sun was slowly setting. “Hmm, twenty minutes until dinner is ready” he thought to himself. Marcus then finished up his work and went downstairs, with five minutes to spare.


“When’s father coming home?” enquired Marcus. “He should already have been home by now, I fear that something may have happened in the Senate and he is held back.”
Then, suddenly there was a knock on the door. “Open up, it’s the police.”

Marcus looked at his mother as she looked back. “I wonder what they want?” she said, worried.
As she opened the door she was greeted by four Roman soldiers. “By order of Roman decree, we are here for one Martha Julian” shouted the soldier with a gold star symbol on his helmet. “Whatever for?” replied Martha. “You are under arrest, along with your husband, on the counts of high treason.” Shouted the officer, who placed his hand on his sword. “This is madness!”  said Martha, with an angry look on her face. “Madness?” said the officer. He unsheathed his sword and pointed it towards Martha. “You either come with us or you will pay the price.” “I will do no such thing; I demand to see your evidence or at least the decree itself!”

By this time the Roman officer had pushed his way forcefully though the doorway and knocked Martha to the ground. “Don’t you touch my mother!” shouted Marcus. “Listen here boy, if you wish to live I advise that you sit right there and don’t move” barked one of the Roman officers as he walked towards Marcus and struck him with the hilt of his sword. Marcus fell to the ground and blacked out, hearing only screams before he fell unconscious.

Hours went by and Marcus, unaware of what the time was, woke up in the darkness. “Mum? Mother? MUM WHERE ARE YOU?” he shouted. He then bolted towards the kitchen and found the lamp.  Marcus hurried back to the front of the house only to be greeted by an open door which a howling wind gusted from and a wrapped up figure. “M...mum?” Marcus stuttered.
He walked over towards the wrapped up red piece of linen and started to unravel it. Slowly it dripped from his fingers onto the floor. As he got to the final strand of it, he saw a body covered in blood. With one mighty pull, Marcus took off the rest of the cover and revealed his mother’s deadly, bloody corpse.

“NO! NO NO NO NO NO!” he screamed, as tears started to flow from his eyes. His mother’s lifeless body laid before him, eyes closed with one hand on the floor and one on her chest.
As Marcus cried a figure approached him from behind and placed his hand on his shoulder. “What is the meaning of this?” said the person. Marcus turned around to see his father, who now saw the body and had his mouth wide open with water appearing in his eyes. “MARTHA? NO! WHAT HAS HAPPENED TO YOU?” Anthony pushed Marcus out of the way and held his dead wife in his hands. Tears filled his eyes but he resisted the urge to cry.”Whoever did this will be crucified!”

Anthony looked up and laid down his wife, slowly turning towards Marcus. “You...boy...what happened here?” said Anthony, with a glaring look in his eyes towards Marcus. “I...don’t know father, Roman officers were here and said she was under arrest for high treason and then they knocked me out and” Marcus was cut off by a roar from his father. “HIGH TREASON?” Marcus backed off slowly towards the wall. “Y...yes, that’s what they said and they had their swords and one hit me” he replied shockingly. “You, you did this didn’t you boy!” said his father with an angry look on his face. “No father, I didn’t! I have no reason to!” pleaded Marcus. His father stood up slowly, going up on his knee and then towering over Marcus. “You will pay for this, BOY!”


Marcus saw the look on his father’s face and realised that he really did think that Marcus was the murderer. “Come here!” shouted his father as he ran towards Marcus with his hands out in a choke position. Marcus then ran for the door, running out into the dark Roman streets. He turned left still running, seeing the shadowy figure which he knew was his father approaching him. “I WILL KILL YOU, YOU MURDERING SCUM!” he heard as he kept running, not looking back. As Marcus reached the end of the street, he was faced with a dead end. He no longer heard the shadowy figure shouting, but deep, heavy breathing. “I...have...you now, boy.” said the figure. As Marcus backed off slowly, still facing the figure he hit a wall. “Oh no, I’m trapped.” He thought. The figure walked ever closer, revealing himself to be his father. Just as he thought. “I always knew adopting you was a bad idea. I always knew that you and that filthy orphanage should have been wiped out long ago. The only reason I went there was because of Martha, she wanted a child but we were unable to conceive. Marcus frantically looked around him but alas, he saw no escape.

As the figure took out a knife, Marcus noticed the blood dripping from it. Anthony walked closer, raising the knife when suddenly Marcus noticed a large stone next to him. He let his instincts kick in as he bent over, picked up the rock and threw it at his father – hitting him square in the face.
With a soft thud, he fell to the ground and dropped the dagger. Marcus was still pressed against the wall; he moved to the left and then ran around his father who was clearly disoriented. “Oh no, I’ve only made it worse for myself.” He thought to himself, still running. As Marcus reached the end of the street he saw his house and various Roman soldiers there once more, talking to his neighbour. He knew that they were looking for him and his father because of all the yelling and shouting that took place earlier that night. So now, Marcus was in quite the predicament as he had no place to go and his father now thought that he had killed his mother. After many minutes of walking, Marcus found what remained of the old orphanage he lived in as a child. He opened up an old creaking window and slipped inside. He walked up the dusty stairs and laid himself to rest on his old bed, which reminded him of what he once had...

The next morning, Marcus woke up to the bright sun shining through the dark and dusty windows of the orphanage. As he slowly wandered down the stairs, many memories of old raced through his head and during this, he thought of his only ever friend – Julia. Marcus paced around the kitchen of the orphanage, thinking of where Julia could be. “Well...I remember seeing her at the marketplace around 3 o’clock. Maybe I’ll see her there again.” he thought to himself. Marcus prepared himself for the venture towards the marketplace. “The guards will probably be looking for me by now” he thought to himself. So he left, wearing a linen cloak and a full linen bodysuit to disguise himself so the Roman soldiers wouldn’t get to him.
At 3PM, Marcus finally reached the marketplace and began searching for Julia. “Julia? Julia, where are you? Julia?” he asked persistently. Time went by and Marcus had absolutely no luck, he searched the merchant’s area, the fruit and grain section all the way to the weaponry. Just as he was giving up hope, he saw two Roman soldiers hassling a girl. “That isn’t right!” he thought to himself, and went over to investigate.




“Get your hands off me!” the woman shouted. “Hey, be quiet or we’ll have you arrested” one officer snapped back. “Help, someone help me!” she shouted, to which the guard rose his hand to strike her. Marcus picked up speed and leaped towards the guard, knocking him off his feet. The other guard went to draw his weapon when Marcus punched him in the face, knocking him out. “Thank you, I owe you my life. Who are you?” Marcus turned around and moved the veil off his head. “The name’s Marcus, who are you?” The woman looked shocked for a second, then muttered: “Julia.”

“Julia! I found you at last!” said Marcus, eyes filling with tears of joy. “I’ve been looking for you everywhere!” Julia wiped the tears from his eyes and said “What’s wrong Marcus, you look rushed?” Marcus grabbed her hand and pulled her into the dark alley nearby. “Roman soldiers killed my mother and my mad father thinks I did it and is trying to kill me, so I fled looking for you. You were my only friend Julia, you’re the only one I can turn to now.” Julia looked up and him with disbelief for a few seconds. “I...this sounds...most unfortunate” whimpered Julia. “What...what will become of you now, Marcus?” Marcus and Julia continued walking down the alley when they heard a rustling sound behind them. “There they are, stop them! Seize them at once!” shouted a Roman soldier.
“RUN!” shouted Marcus. Marcus grabbed Julia’s hand once more and bolted through the alley with her. “I think the exit is up here!” shouted Marcus. “We can get lost in the crowd.” However, it wasn’t. Marcus and Julia had reached a dead end. “Oh no Marcus, we’re trapped!” exclaimed Julia.
Just as they stopped, they heard the clunking of Roman armour behind them. “We have you now you little shit. We’ll teach you not to mess with the 21st legion.”
Marcus and Julia backed up against the wall as the Roman soldiers approached, both with their swords drawn. “I...don’t see a way out” said Julia, panting as she was out of breath from all the running. “This...looks like the end”.

I had to shorten each paragraph and it all in general so I could've added a lot more detail.
I might actually finish this and even expand on it later on in life if I get the time.


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